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    The KICKBOX process

    Validate and pilot your idea and create your dream job


    Validate Box


    The RedBox phase lasts 3 months. Your goal is to validate your idea and its potential. Therefore, you get a AZN 1,000 budget, access to internal, local and external experts and much more. Eventually, you have to convince a committee with your pitch presentation.


    Pilot Phase


    If you manage to find a sponsor, the 5 months BlueBox phase starts. Equipped with investment, you will run a pilot with real customers. Beside that, you get access to coaching sessions, sprint workshops and many useful innovation modules.


    Implement Phase


    After you prove, that your idea had a real business potential, you will get the GoldBox. Congratulations, you have created your dream job! From now on you will work 100% on your project. This can be within the business line or as a corporate spin-off.


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    New experiences, Interesting Workshops, Best mentors, More engagement, Improved Structure, Supportive community

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  • We believe in You

    Our top management is committed to transformation and growth.

    Jalal Qasimov



    "Innovation does not happen overnight. It requires a right environment and culture for employees to take on new challenges. Not all new challenges you take on will succeed. In fact, you may fail more than you succeed. But that's no reason to sit on the sidelines and do nothing for fear of failing".


    Jalal Qasimov

    Farid Mammadov

    Deputy CEO


    "Creating that environment is a priority for the leadership team of PASHA Group. We aspire to build innovation into our organization’s DNA. This means you have full support of the leadership in your entrepreneurial endeavors."




    Farid Mammadov